Stop chasing your Thoughts!!

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PARAMAHAMSA SRI NITHYANANDA - Stop chasing your Thoughts!! SOCIETY, in the form of political or religious institutions, controls you through fear and greed. These institutions believe that unless you are prodded by fear and greed, you cannot be effective, productive and valuable. But productive effective and valuable to whom? It is certainly not for any advantage to your own Self, but perhaps to the benefit of these institutions. Fear and greed make you seek the external world for fulfilment. You seek to act on your thoughts and words. These as you would have experienced throughout your life can never be fulfilled. The same fear, the same greed reappears, however many times you may have experienced them before. You are in rajas, the mode of aggression when you act on your thoughts. People question, how can I live without acting on my thoughts, who will pay my bills? Please understand. If nature provided within you a system that converts bread into blood, can it not take care of providing you with bread as well? Nature does not trust you with anything that is critical to your living. That is why all your essential activities such as breathing, growing, digesting, etc, happen without your involvement. I say to you, stop acting on your thoughts. Stop looking for their meaning. Instead seek the source of thoughts. For instance, if you feel hungry, ignore that thought. When your body feels that desperate hunger, it will by itself seek and procure the food to fulfil its needs. When you do this, when you stop acting on the meaning of words, you will fall into tamas, into inaction. That is what you are afraid of. There is nothing to fear. You will stay in that inaction till all your hatred against your restlessness and greed get worked out. Once that happens, you will come out of that inaction, that tamasic state, purified. Please understand that you do not move from tamas into rajas and then into satva as you may think. You do not, as you think, move in sequence from inaction to aggression and then to peace. You start with rajas, which is the state of your day-to-day activity, when you are in the mode of doership, seeking to fulfil the meaning of your thoughts and words. When you stop seeking meaning you will fall into inaction, tamas, for a brief period, till you start seeking the source of your thoughts and move into satva. You will feel the effect of inner healing, and you will understand that the universe does take care of you.