In response to the much-hyped issue of land-grabbing and encroachment alleged against Sri Nithyananda Swami, the Hon’ble High Court of Karnataka while ruling on WP 53359/2014 (KLR-RES) observed that there was a real threat to the ashram from biased interests and ordered for a stay on any action including demolition of any structure in the ashram by the government.
With the Karnataka Govt. voluntarily handing back the control of the Bidadi Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam to the ashram authorities on 19th June this year after a one-week lockout, the writ petition challenging the seizure has been disposed of by the Karnataka High Court.
Bidadi, 04 July 2012: The Karnataka High Court today disposed of the habeas corpus petition submitted by the parents of Nithyananda disciple Santhosh, alleging that their son was being illegally detained in his ashram and not allowed to meet them.
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