Sweet & bitter maya - Nithyananda
You are asking - when mind knows maya is bad, why is it not coming out? Whenever it knows maya is bad, it does come out!
Maya is God's classroom - Nithyananda
If you are never put in Maya, you take God for granted. Just as fire teaches you the greatness of coolness, Maya teaches you greatness of God.
Fear, greed and inspiration - Nithyananda
For self-actualization, you may need to use fear and greed. But for self-realization, you need to drop fear and greed.
 Love life anyway - Nithyananda
When garbage is put on the face of the earth, it will smell, stink, create disease. But put it inside the earth, it will become manure!
You are afraid of thoughtless space! - Nithyananda
You are afraid of being without thoughts. Even if you are without thoughts for a few moments, the Consciousness will conquer you, the Consciousness will capture you. Your mind will be replaced by consciousness.
Big Bang and Black Hole - Nithyananda
When you enter into me, you disappear into something beyond your comprehension - that is what we call as black hole. Whenever you see something beyond your comprehension, it is Big Bang!
Shock-proof your nervous system - Nithyananda
All depression is just a weak nervous system. You imagine and create suffering.
Money is the biggest Maya - Nithyananda
oney is the greatest Parama Maya – the worst collective delusion. created by human beings.
What is my maximum capacity? - Nithyananda
When you are pushing your limits, you realize many of your hidden capacities, extraordinary experiences and energies.
Don’t be a guru-widow - Nithyananda
Your Guru who loves you, do not want you to be stuck as a Guru Widow or Guru widower. Discipleship is for you to grow.
Aloneness is not living without anybody. No. It is ability to live with yourself.
Renounce without suffering - Nithyananda
Not converting the shocks received by you from life into pain or anger or guilt or pain is tyaaga, renunciation.
Edit your inner space - Nithyananda
Decide to edit your inner space without the words 'if' and 'but'. Whatever happens, look, look, look - without ifs and buts. You will come back to reality.
Desire is not crime - Nithyananda
I don’t want you to give up desire! I just want you to give up the contrasting, conflicting and complicated desires.